I have lost Vanguard tv on my WDTV Live

Hi can anyone tell me why i can’t watch Vanguard tv anymore on my box.

I am in the UK and was able  to watch it till  recently.

I did a factory reset as my box was freezing often and during watching a film on Youtube it would often stop and go back to

The main screen…since the reset Vanguard has stopped altogether.

I would be grateful of any replies.

Have you tried rolling back the firmware to a previous version? This way you can narrow down the cause of the problem.


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Hi Thanks for your kind reply.

I have checked out my firmware and it is 2.01.86 but can’t see a listing on the link that you sent me for  that particular version, so I haven’t attempted a rollback in case I cause any damage to my box.

If you have any info on which other firmware version I could try I would be very grateful.