I have deleted the WD Sync folder


Hi Guys,

I have a MyCloud 3To, I’m on a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, and I use both WD Access and WD Sync softwares.
Everything works pretty well expect one thing:

  • The My Cloud folder on my mac, which has been automatically created when I have installed the WD Sync software, has NEVER sync any files into the My Sync folder on the cloud. I have no idea why…

All other local folders that I have created and synced with cloud folders (thanks to WD Sync software), works pretty well. I can add and remove folders I want from the WD Sync settings panel, without any problems.

But I don’t know why, it doesn’t works with the My Cloud folder and My Sync folder… I was thinking about removing/deleting the synchronization between those folders from the WD Sync panel settings, but unfortunately you can’t do that. You can add or remove every folders that you have created by yourself, but not the WD Sync folder

So my idea was to delete the WD Sync folder from the cloud, I was hoping the program will automatically recreate it and may be this could fix the issue… But of course, it doesn’t work at all :smile:

So my question is:

  • Should I uninstall WD Sync software and reinstall it?
  • If yes, am I going to lose every sync files on the cloud?
  • If yes, am should I be careful with my local files? The uninstall could erase also local folders (the one synced with cloud folder)?



Problem fixed :blush:

• I have uninstalled WD Sync software with the WD Sync uninstaller. My sync folders and files hasn’t been deleted both on local and on the cloud.

• I have re-installed WD Sync software and it works!

Hope this could help somebody one day.


Hi there, thanks for sharing the solution as well.