I have a hard drive connected how to get all media in one place

I currently have a 3tb hard drive connected to the usb.  I am wondering how I can get all the video files to show up under videos section and not have to select usb and browse folders.   Let me know if there is a way. 

Yes, you just need to have media library enable, allow the WD TV to scan for the files and then hit the red button, just select the first option, my media library. This will show ALL the videos that are in the all the drives connected to the WD TV Live Hub, including the internal drive.

Note: Need to have the latest firmware update.

I don’t have the latest firmware-I’m too chicken to upgrade after the last time. I use the Favorites option. I navigate to the folder that has the movies on my external hard drive and make it a favorite. I have TV shows on another drive and my music files on the internal. I make them all favorites and when I want to access them, I just page down into the favorites area and each folder is right there. Only caveat is, if you have to clear the library, you lose the favorites and have to redo them, but it only takes a minute. What takes me long is I don’t use any of the services that populate the favorite area except Netflix, so I have to remove everything each time I clear the library. Anyone know how to remove them permanently?

when doing that, will it show the files that are on your pc as well? i am trying to get the files stored on my pc and are shared to show up together with the fies on the wd hub itself. i am not even 100% sure i set up the share right. that was a real mess. i wish there were step by step instrucions for doing that somewhere. as it is, i have to hit the red button and go to my network shares to see the stuff on the pc, and local storage to see what is on the hub. when i click on my media library i only get one folder… wdtvlivehub no mention of the shared folders from the pc