I Have A Dream - To Access My Music Anywhere

As you can tell by my name, I am completely new to my 4TB World Book Edition II (WDH2NC640000N). I originally purchased the network drive so I could wirelessly access my music anywhere. I have almost 20,000 songs on iTunes and I constantly rate and delete songs so I can easily manage my music. I thought by purchasing this WD network drive, I would be able to easily sync my music collection anywhere in the world, but I was wrong.

Here’s my set up right now. I use iTunes on my MacBook Pro and have my music library stored on my WD network drive. I open up iTunes (when I’m using my home’s wireless network) and click preferences to locate where my music is stored. I open up the WD drive on my shared network and select the folder containing all my music. iTunes can now listen to, rate, and even delete songs off my WD network drive, but it’s not enough. When I open up iTunes on a different wireless network, like at school, my WD network drive is no longer available. I understand I can access my files through mionet, but I can’t use iTunes the way I want.

Here’s what I want. I want to have the same simple procedure I use now, where I open up iTunes and select my WD network drive, but I want to do it anywhere. When I came to the realization my WD network drive couldn’t do this I was very disappointed. Is there anyway I can achieve my dream?

Well… If you can somehow find a way for iTunes to sync a dynamic DNS server with a set port on your router that links to the exact IP address of the MBW then in theory, it could be done.

I’ve heard of hacking the network drive to make it a server. Would this be a better way than what you explained? I understand it’ll void my warranty, but iTunes would be able to access a server like it does on my home network. 


yes. any nas whose sole purpose is for home is pathetic. people want to access it away from home too!

The MBW does FTP and has Mionet as well, what the OP wants is remote iTunes integration, which is very different from core remote access.