I have 2 folders I want to back up, not entire drives..How DO i do that?

I have a my book essential 3TB drive. I have 2 FOLDERS I want to actively mirror. One contains 500+GB of HD Home movies and the other contains 10,000+ Pictures. They are all sorted by year/date/occasion with vast sub-directories. I spent so much time organizing these folders over the years and i just want them mirrored to my external drive so as I add pictures/videos they are also added to the EXACT same external directory structure.

  The software included with the my book essential is already irritating the **bleep** out of me. I selected the drive w/ pictures for it to back up and it’s selecting thousands of useless tiny picture files that i don’t care about.

 I JUST want to mirror the 2 seleced folders. The pictures are on a 1TB internal drive and the Videos are on a different 2TB Internal drive.

 What is the best way to do this with the my book essential 3TB drive? I don’t care if I have to wipe the whole thing and start again, I HATE the way it is working right now.

Here is my own solution…I asked a friend and he suggested a free program called COBIAN back up…It’s AMAZING! Just wipe the WD drive of all it’s sofware and install Cobian. You can run multi-rule scheduled backups of selected directories including all sub folders. You can set it do back up as often as you want and only back up files that have changed…It has some very interesting options…

I don’t understand why western digital doesn’t have an option like this. It’s gourmet compared to the micorwave meal they serve with the stock software…


Thanks Sender-name!

I will change to Cobian!

I just had a couple of files that I needed to Retrieve and the function totally **bleep**! It asks if I want to go back to 1-2-3-4 version and all the versions has the same date but it does not say what time ! ! !

And I am working with Adobe Encore that updates 4-5 files during the work and then I got some flimsy and Encore stopped to work.  And restarting it did not work because it got stuck on one of the files that was corrupted.

But retrieving without time of the backup is totally useless, …


Sender name or someone else that knows, Can I just delete all files and reformat the drive or is it some files I need to save ?


IF there is NOTHING on the drive you wish to keep, and you just want a bare drive to start fresh with…the you can delete the drive…

First you have to stop all scheduled backups w/ the pre-loaded software.

Then you can run the “erase disk” by clicking the erase button.

This will erase everything on the disk…and leave you with a blank 2.72TB (For a 3TB) disk…Of course that is the correct size due to the 1024mb vs 1000mb size that exists in the real world…

Once you have wiped the drive it works just fine. It still goes to sleep when not in use, it’s just a quiet and functions exactly like a brand new hard drive, just connected via usb.

The Cobain product is awesome.