I have 2 backup drives (RAID 10) with data. How do I use them to rebuild 4 new blank drives?

I have two backup drives I made from Bay 2 and 4 (RAID 10) from my old EX4 to backup my four original drives. Later, after the latest firmware update, my old EX4 failed and I lost all my data on my four original drives…

WD sent me a new EX4 with FOUR new blank drives. I need to recover my data from my two backup drives, and use it to rebuild the new four blank drives. How can I do this?

Hi, as the drive were set on RAID, I don’t think that a simple backup software will be able to get the information out.

I would suggest you to contact a professional data recovery company as they most likely will be able to assist.

I have all my data on a 5th and 6th drive (RAID 10) that I cloned from my original EX4. How can I put those 2 cloned drives back into a NEW EX4 with 2 empty drives that are already in the EX4, and have the EX4 copy my data back to the 2 empty drives?

Can I put my two drives (with my data) in bays 1 and 3, and put blank drives in Bays 2 and 4, and it will copy my data (bays 1,3) to the 2 blank drives (bays 2,4)? Note: my two drives with my data, were originally in bays 2 and 4.