I get crazy with login over internet

most of the time i cannot access my mycloud mirror over internet.
sometimes it works, two days later it works no more.

nothing is configured with port forwarding. it works without…sometimes

so today it did not work over internet. when i came home i tried without wifi and had also no access over 3g. i locked out of mycloud.com and locked in again.
app said that i would not have data that is approved for me. so i connected to wifi, had to give in an administrator password and got access to mycloud mirror with all the data.
after that i closed the app on the iphone 6 plus, disconnected the wifi,started the app again
and !!! …i had access to mycloudmirror and all the data over 3g.

can anyone explain me this?
what is my problem?

thanks for help!

no idea? no help from moderators from WD?
anyone should be able to explain me this behaviour.


Hi thomes,

May be you should try reinstalling your My Cloud app and and try to access your My Cloud using your credentials over the Wi-Fi.

thanks for help! app is the newest on appstore,

when i want to access the mycloudmirror from miles away i cannot access it over wifi to give in login information. so the question would be, why and when this information gets lost.
that should work much more stable!

hello peter or anyone else from WD…
would be great to get a deeper explanation for this. if you dont know it, who else should understand this

thanks for some more detailed information about the what and why

There could be a lot of different reasons cloud access is not working. See the knowledge base article below for the common reasons. If that does nto help maybe you should contact WD support directly.

hello drlucky,
first thanks for your help.
if you read all the posts above you have seen that everything worked as it should, and as for the most things i use, i like it when things work for a long time if nothing changes.
so my question was, why does it stop working when i did not change anything actively.
i can understand, that when i install a new app version from appstore and after that it is not working anymore and i have to maybe login again.

thanks again for your time

Again me,
So often the same… if i want to show pictures over internet, My cloud mirror is not listet…!

What am i doing wrong??

Can anyone from WD explain me step by step please how i get mycloudmirror listet on top of the list after opening the app and signing in at mycloud.com when i connect from outside my home?

I get cracy with this !

When i come home and have wlan/wifi access the MCmirror gets listet and i can sign in with administrator pass.( you can see it at the attached picture)

So please tell me anyone how this MCmirror gets listet from outside my home…

Many many thanks !

Hello WD !

PLEASE …some stuff of WD …give me feedback !

You know exactly the situation, i explained it some times. Please read it again and if you have a special question i will give answer.

… you programmed this thing so you have to know exactely how i get this drive listed !

So please talk with your programmers and let me know .
I‘m sick of this situation and there is for sure an answer.

Thanks for help !


I did not get any good help here belonging my problem.
I wonder why? No people with deep knowledge of the special products? No will to go deeper, only default answers ?

Man , i dont understand why these big players are only interested in selling, if you once bought you‘re lost

Please, could someone give me software advice ?
That should really be no problem !

Noone from support here?