I gave up on connecting via directly to my Mac on LAN. Returning the disk now

I needed a simple NAS, that I could plug into my local network (no internet) and do backup via Apple Time Machine.

A previous version of the My Cloud did this fine. This version don’t. Apparently I need to hook this disk up to the internet. And I don’t like connecting devices to the internet. It’s a big security issue.

I found no help in the packaging, I had to browse through this forum for hours to figure this out. Returning the product now.

WD, you need to do better.

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Use Manual. User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (westerndigital.com)

Good job on returning the lemon.

This limitation was mentioned in reviews many times over the years. It is a shame WD doesn’t make it clear in their marketing literature but they do mention that it is “unlike a NAS”.
Must Be On Internet - All The Time - No Way To Access Just Locally If Desired

Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2017

Despite its limitations, MacWorld says for 2020, the best attached NAS type of device for the Mac is…


I too purchased the My Cloud Home to replace an older WD MyCloud device.
However, I find it is not suitable in a networking environment of 4 users like the old model.
Best Buy will NOT accept an open box return.
How did you return yours?