I dropped my external hard disk

I dropped my 500gb WD My Passport external hard disk today 0.5 meter down while copying files into my laptop. After the impact, the transferring speed became very slow and the progress bar does not move at all. When I cancelled my transfer, I safely removed it from my laptop and nothing’s wrong. I plugged it in again to my laptop and the message box dialog shows that i need to “scan and fix”. I cancelled it and when I try to copy/move/delete files from my external hard disk, it takes a long time before doing the process (maybe 30mins, or longer)

The light is still flashing, there is no clicking sound, and I can still open my files inside it.

Is anyone else here have a suggestion?

sorry for my bad english >.<
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I had the same problem last night… I tried the quick scans and even reboot… I left it to do the deep scan overnight… after 6 hours it was stuck on 90%  I shut everything down… waited about 20 minutes restarted and plugged it n and away it went…

dont know if that will help…

You should allow the “scan and fix” to run. That should improve the situation. A drive which was dropped, especially while it was operating, will have damaged areas which will interfere with proper operation.

If you are using Windows, connect your disk. Open My Computer, right click on the external disk, and select “Properties”. Select the “Tools” tab, and click on Check Now. Make sure that both boxes are checked, “Fix file system errors”, and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”. Then start the process. It will likely take a fairly long time, perhaps over an hour.

If I assumed incorrectly what kind of computer you are using, please post back with the correct information, and we’ll take it from there.

I am using HP Pavilion g4 2131tx laptop with an OS of Windows 7 Ultimate and these are the specifications:


I start doing the “Scan and Fix” today. I hope it will fix my external HDD.

I hope it improves the situation. Good Luck!