I don't know if this is possible

I used a program to “create” a DVD that’s about 50gig in size (combined several DVDs). It’s a TV series, and I’ve made a chapter out of each episode. So when I put it on my Live Hub, it plays only until it gets to the recognized end of the DVD (somewhere around 8.5 gig) and stops. My question is, is there any way to get the Live Hub to disregard the “physical” limitation and play the whole created “DVD” without having to split it or compress it unacceptably? I know I’m asking a lot.

twopennygal wrote:

I used a program to “create” a DVD that’s about 50gig in size 

Heheheh…  I’m not sure what you created, but it’s not technically a DVD, as a single DVD has a maximum size restriction of 9.3 GBytes.   :slight_smile:

You could change it to an MKV, with chapters doing the same thing, which should work fine.

Thanks, I know it’s not really a DVD. :wink: I have a program that lets me string together and edit all the vob files I want and it doesn’t care how big the resulting title is. However, as previously described, I can’t get it to play. The MKV program I have doesn’t seem to save chapters and it also insists on the files’ being on a DVD. Do you have a suggestion as to what MKV program will read local files and also save chapters?