I deeply regret spending money on WD passport

I bought this a couple of months ago and up until this day i do not know how to use it. I have read the manuals and followed all the directions but nothing worked. I can not find the WD Smartware application in the harddrive although it says it is saved. Why should I need a software to use it? This is so stupid. All other external HD do not require softwares. 

I need help. If I can’t run this stupid thing, I will burn it by the weekend and post the video on youtube.

Hi there, If you have the “WD Passport” that’s an older model that does not come and does not work with Smartware. Can you please provide the model number just to be sure?

That drive works manually, you DON’T need any software to use it. Plus you can use any non-branded software that you like with that drive.

I think you’ll find these links helpful:

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ALL external hard drives work exactly the same, softwares are optional and they don’t prevent you from using the drive itself, as it works just like a thumb drive / pent drive / flash drive / memory stick / whatever you want to call it.