I changed ssh to listen on 443 - now I can't ssh


On reflection it seems obvious that I shouldn’t have done that, but in my defense I though that mybooklive was no longer using 443.

I assume that 443 is still in use for ssl communications, so when I try and ssh into my machine the ssh session just hangs.

Can anybody recommend the most painless way to fix this problem?

My first thought was to re run the flash update on the machine, in the hope that it would reset all of the config.  However I want to loose the least amount of config I can. (I also have another problem there, which is in another post)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Now that’s why I steer absolutely clear of changing anything that will interfere with the MBL starting, the networking components and SSH.  At leasty if I try anything I make sure what I do does not start after a reboot so if any of my experiments brick the MBL all I have to do is pull the power, wait a few seconds and turn it back on again.

Line on myine I have stopped netatalk but when my MBL reboots netatalk will start and I will have to manually stop it.

You are going to have to crack the case open, disconnect the MBL’s microcomputer from the drive, connect the drive to a computer that can read/write EXT4 64K cluster formatted partitions, reverse the changes you made and then reassemble your MyBook Live.

If your MBL has a warranty then wave goodbye to that warranty.

If I upgrade the firmware to the same version or debian, will that not reset the version of unix?

There are also a couple of options in the web interface which talk about factory restore.  I’m not sure if either of those options will work, or if I will lose my data by trying them?

The drive still works fine so worst case I leave it alone, but I thought I would have a few options available.

a quick/fast factory restore should reset port 22 but if not do a firmware update.

Hmmm… Good point. Maybe when the next firmware file is rleeased it may reset the SSH port back to port 22.

you don’t need to wait for new firmware, just download the current firmware and select upgrade from file and it will overwrite existing firmware.



I downloaded the current firmware and re-applied it.  That worked like a charm. SSH is back to the right port now.

All my data was fine and even the root password was unchanged. It only took 20 mins and no need to break the box open :wink:

Admitedly there is a lesson here, to be carefull when tinkering, however we learn much from our mistakes and from advice from others.

Thanks for the help.

This is interesting. Worth remembering. I thought that the MBL will not re-apply the firmware file of the same version that is already installed.  A good head-up.