I can't see some folders on my Passport...please advise!

For the past month or so, I have been unable to access several folders of files on my Passport. The only folder that I can still see is the one called “Documents.” At one point after discovering this, I was able to access the other folders on my Windows XP work laptop in Windows Explorer. The icons for the folders turned into shortcut icons, but I was at least able to access them that way. Now, I can’t “see” them on any of my computers (Windows XP and Windows 7). However, in Windows Explorer, it still shows that the space has been used.

I have done a disk defrag and run a complete anti-virus scan on the drive. When going through these processes, those other folders were also shown as being scanned. I also tried the Card Data Recovery scan, but to no avail.

Any additional advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What about other free data recovery tools like testdisk, recuva or photorec? And are you sure the files are not hidden?

There are a bunch of free data recovery software outhere. Otherwise you will need professional service.

data corruption.  are you safely removing the drive, or just jerking the cable out?  either way, you will need to try data recovery software like pizza says.  however, if the data is corrupt, you won’t recover it.  moreover, once you’re done getting the data off the drive, you will need to reformat the drive to get rid of the corruption.