I can't see Public folder!

Hi guys,
I’ve just updated my 3T mycloud with the new firmware software but still without see my public folder.
I hopped the team WD had fixed this bug but in my case doesn’t work.
May anybody help me?

what are you using to “see” the public folder? File Explorer/Finder? WD app? local or remote?

I’m ussing wd app for ipad and iPhone. Also I usse mac with wdmycloud for mac and now I’m in local mode and from the sept update firmware i lost the public folders

try Finder to see if it is there. Then you probably need to do a system only restore, it leaves files and shares, everything else reset like factory.

Ok, i’ll do it.
Thanks for help e.

Hi Larry
If I restore the system only, will I lost my users config?

The Dashboard will be set back to default settings, but Shares will be
untouched to ensure that data is not harmed, except for making Private
shares be set as Public ones.

yes, all user, security etc settings need to be re-done. shares and data are all hat is left

A tip. When you get it working exactly as you need, take a configuration back-up.

If you ever need to perform a system restore, just restore the last known configuration back-up. It looks like that does a system restore, but also re-introduces the last known working configuration. Saves a lot of time ans stress.

(This is what I’ve done. Just in case My Cloud access breaks.)

Does the configuration file now save user information? I don’t think it used to, even though it’s something obvious that it ought to do. The ‘difficulty’ of password storage might be one reason why user information isn’t/wasn’t stored.

Ah, yes, p86 of the user manual:

“Important: Before doing a factory restore or a system update, you may choose to save your device’s current configuration. At a later time, you can import a previously saved configuration. Keep in mind that importing a configuration after restoring factory defaults does not restore shares or users.”

Note the use of imprecise terminology: ‘factory restore’; ‘system update’.

Does ‘factory restore’ mean ‘System Factory Restore’ (p84), and, if so, which of the three options? Does this statement apply to ‘System Only System Factory Restore’…?

Does ‘system update’ mean ‘Firmware Update’ (pp89-91)…? This is the only use of ‘system update’ in the entire manual…

When it’s gone wrong, it’s been messed-up settings.

When I’ve simply restored the configuration without performing a system
restore, the instability was fixed, but as long as the exported
configuration was stable at time of export.

Oh, saving configurations is a good idea; it’s the first thing I did once I got my second unit up and running… it’s just that, in the context of this conversation (‘will I use my users if I do a reset’), saving the configuration won’t help.

At the end i did system only restore and my share folders appearing again. I had that configure my users but this wasn’t a problem.
Thanks everybody!!

See you!,