I cant login into my password ultra

I 'm so disappointment with this hard drive since last year I try to login and it show wrong password and it locks after five times. I type my password correctly and I can’t .
I have all my memories pictures in this drive and I refuse to reset the data in the hard drive I read different comments and basically they said you can’t do anything about it. Why this type of companies don’t have a plan B to reset the passwords as customer we trust the company and buy this type of hard drives to have your memories safe unfortunately is not the case please at least put in your instructions that if you create a password this don’t guarantee to open this hard drive. For future please don’t lie to the customers.

If your drive is stolen or someone you don’t want to have access to drive and it’s as simple to exercise “Plan B” to reset the password … then there’s absolutely no point in password protection at all.

And if they were so crucially important … you would have kept at least 1 or 2 backups of them.

You should be more disappointed in your negligence to have a backup plan.

Put 31st March on your calendar as a reminder for next time.