I can't get the software installed on my laptop

Do we need to run the installation CD in the PC each and every time before streaming using WD HD Live TV? For some reasons, I click on setup.exe on the CD, but nothing happens and I have to use that CD again and again…IMy PC is running on windows XP SP2 … Help please

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Depending on what you want to do you don’t need to install ANY software on any computer (I don’t have any installed on any of my computers, XP or Win 7 and they work just fine with the Live).

AFAIK the only reason you need to install software is for XP (and for browsing the files on a locally attached to the Live drive).  If you don’t want/need to do this (and you don’t need to do this for streaming data for viewing) then don’t worry about it.

I have had the same problem. Clicking setup.exe in the root directory on the CD results in nothing. Whatever happens is so fast I cannot see it in task manager. Copied the CD to a hard drive - same result.  I downloaded the latest ISO and used that - same result.

I can however directly execute WDSetup.exe,  setup.exe in the WDabackup directory and “Wd Discovery.exe”, so its not a problem to run.