I can't get the device temperature or it's s.m.a.r.t. data

Well this was a support ticket , but both my hard drives Serial number are unrecognizable by their database WTF! so I’m gonna just put it as it is so anyone can help me and if the support see it they will get what should they have get .!

Hello , I have a problem when trying to access the s.m.a.r.t. data or even gets it’s temperature . as shown in the attached screenshots , I can’t access any of the data I should normally have access to , while the other hard drive (320GB - not the one I need help with .) shows the data normally I mean every app out there (I used about 6) get it’s temperature , but I have no luck with this drive (500GB one) .
I can’t check his health , I can’t know if the drive may fail or not . I simply can’t even monitor his temperature .

screenshots shows Serial, Model number , and other various information you may need .

NOTE: you need to open the images in new tab to see them I guess .

You should contact WD Support by phone. So that they can help you with such issue. You can refer the link given below to contact WD Support by phone.