I Can't find my files and videos


I need some help pls,I did a Format to my WD live HUB to put order to my files before I pass them,so once I passed all my files from my “Passport hard drive” to my WD live HUB (took like 5 hrs) it shows at the begining how many files and videos I have,but once I disconect the passport from the WD live HUB it becomes everything 0 video , 0 video files…when I go to Disk Manager to check if the disk is empty shows me that I have occupied half of the memory which is correct according to the data I put inside,but then where is this data?? where it went ? how do I open it?

Before everything was right I was passing movies everytime I had downloaded on my “passport” and once disconecting was inside the WD live HUB.

Thank you very much for your answer…

Att Nikolaos Geraris


Did you eject the drive from the hub before unplugging the passport drive?

Hi  (Body)

Thank you very much for your contact,at the end and trying so much for hrsssssssss,it worked…only  by clearing the Library,then everything was ok…

Sorry I didn’t answered before,Couldn’t get a computer all these days…Thank you again for your concern


Got the same thing just earlier.

Ejected the drive en there was nothing there but the space was half full. Als did clearing library but nothing worked.

any ideas?

I formatted my samsung s2 nfs+ on my mac just today


when i clear the library suddenly the movies are there. 

Any idea?

And How come if I set the preview to folders that de info doesnt work for the movies?

If i set it to ALL then they work fine.