I can't enter My Book World 1TB

I have installed My Book World with a static IP address.

I have added on the network.

I can ping the disk.

I can access the setup with a Browser.

But I cannot access the disk from any computer on the network.

I get an error  message “Impossible to access. The User has not the authorization. Ask to the administrator”

What should I do ??


Did you ever have this issue resolved?

No, I didn’t.

I’m not able to use my new Disk and this is a shame.

I think the disk could have a problem; I’ve tried to open a ticket and to ask for a RMA to fix the problem or change the disk.

But it will cost me 120$ !!! unbelievable.

With these money I’ll buy a new one (for sure not a Western Digital) !!!


If your drive is under warranty, you should not pay for a replacement (minus the shipping fees). Can you please sent me a PM with your RMA number? 

The 120$ I told you are the “shipping fees” !!!

I believe Western Digital don’t have a lab in italy and the customers have to ship the item to the other side of the world !!!

It is unbelivable that on year 2011 we still have these problems.

I don’t know what to do, but I’ll not use this drive.

Thanks & regards,