I can't connect to my Wirelwss Passport

I can’t connect to my Wirelwss Passport.
It have worked before both pc and Ipad.
I haven’t yoused the WD for a while now.
I can’t see the WD when I connect it to the PC. What to doo??

How do I delete everything and start fro scratch??

Hope to hear from you.


Are you able to test the unit on different PC? Also try using a different cable.

HOW are you connecting? Wirelessly or directly to PC with USB cable? If it is directly to PC, drive must be off to connect this way. The drive will show in File Explorer under Computer. It can take a while (up to 3-4 minutes) , because the file database is being read, so be patient.

If you are connecting to drive wirelessly, it will show up under Network. Either way you connect, you may have to refresh File Explorer to see the added drive.