I can't add files to my drive?

A few years ago I added a wdMycloud drive to my network.
I got it to work and show up on my computer, I can’t remember how?
Since then I have upgraded my computer to windows 10.
I don’t use the drive much now but I can download files from it when I need them.
I can remember saving a backup of my upgraded computer when I loaded windows 10 on it.
I now have two folders showing in the WDMyCloud directory when I click on windows explorer, Photos and Videos.
I am sure I used to have a section at the end of the windows explorer with WDMycloud showing again that I could upload and download files to that had a lot more folders in. not now?
I assume I must have done something to either turn the drive off or lost the ability to access it.
I can still see photos in the photo folder and download them / see them but I can’t upload anything or add anything including a new folder?
I have tried various ways of creating a new user but seem to always get stopped along the way?
I can get on the mycloud website and sign into my account but when I try to fix my problem something always stops me.
My e-mail address is uptodate on the users section
If I click on admin it says I can read and write.
In shares it says I have read/write access.
I can’t find how to solve this.
Any ideas?

Check to see if SMB1.0/CIFS is enabled in Windows 10. Microsoft disables that option through patch updates or in new Windows 10 installs; which causes problems with accessing NAS devices, like My Cloud, when using Windows File Explorer.