I can't access my cloud admin account

I changed my Cloud Access admin email address. Later, I disabled my Cloud Access account. When I want to enable it again, it tries to connect with my old email address. I can’t reactivate my Cloud Access admin account. So I can’t use the Cloud Access feature.

@dehliz Changing the email of the admin user is currently not supported.
Performing a System Only Restore or 40 second pin reset should resolve your issue.

But I changed the admin user email address. I can login to os5.mycloud.com site with a new email. However, since the old e-mail is defined on the device, I cannot login on the device.

That’s because the Device Cloud Login and Cloud Server Logins are out of sync.
IE: Not supported.
System Only Restore or 40 second pin reset is the only solution.
After the system only restore, setup the My Cloud OS 5 with the email address of the admin user that you want and do not change it.

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