I cannot create folder like "uploaded" or "mirrored" in situation at SAMBA

used machine : My Cloud EX4

firmware version : 1.04.05

I can create folder like “uploaded” or “mirrored” in situation at SSH/FTP/WD My Cloud

I cannot create folder like “uploaded” or “mirrored” in situation at SAMBA

Error message : “Could not find this item”

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Can you list the exact steps you are takling to attempt to create the directory?  Also include the steps you are taking to map the drive and what windows version you have.

I found cause it that is samba setting

/etc/samba #

smb.conf : veto files = /:2eDS_Store/.bin/Network Trash Folder/.!@#$recycle/.systemfile/lost+found/Nas_Prog/mirrored/uploaded/.wdmc/P2P/aMule/

I want to remove this setting

lkyung wrote:


I want to remove this setting


Then do so - just use vi to edit it. But before editing, I do recommend you backup the current smb.conf file to a location where it won’t get wiped off after reboot - to say /usr/local/config/ and call it smb.conf.orig or something (although this file does get auto-generated at boot time so if you ever were to lose it, just rebooting will bring it back).

Keep in mind that your edited /etc/smb.conf will only last till your next reboot. If you either manually reboot or have firmware auto-update to ON a firmware update will automatically reboot the device (I believe) - and once rebooted your changes to smb.conf will be gone…so either you edit the file again to make your changes after a reboot or you also save a copy of your modified file to a reboot-persistent location (like /usr/local/config) and copy the file over quickly after a reboot for Samba to pick up the changes after a few seconds.

Samba process (smbd daemon) polls the smb.conf file so you won’t need to do anything beyond witng a few seconds after editing the file for your chages to take effect automatically.  But if for some reason Samba doesn’t pick up the modified smb.conf file, see the last bullet point in this post ->  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/Hacks-to-make-Public-share-and-USB-shares-private/m-p/728740#M408