I can´t setup my new My Cloud Home device. First time using it

I bought a My Cloud Home - 6TB drive. And I use macOS and iOS.

I installed it according to what the guide that comes with shows: I connected the the power source and connected it to my internet router (I had to buy a 10 meter cable because the short one that came with it is, well, too short). I created an account using the iOS Mac app but immediately after entering the drive’s 9 digit code I received the information that a firmware update started and the drive white light started to blink very slowly.

This was hours ago… I can’t access the cloud space, I can’t add any folders/files, I can’t seem to stop the updating process… so I ask: what did I do wrong? Do I need to wait until the firmware updates? If so, how long does it take? I thought that using this divide was going to be simpler… but this seems too complex. I actually ended up trying an Hard reset… did I messed things up? Please, people, I’m new to this device… any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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I hope you had patience and allowed your device to complete the update.

Link for the User Manual
WD Documentation (wdc.com)

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It took me almost 5 hours. But eventually, I got everything To work. Thank you for messaging me.

You’re welcome. Glad its working.

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How to Setup and Configure a My Cloud Home Device (wd.com)

WD Documentation (wdc.com)