I can´t log in my MyCloudEX2Ultra account on My Cloud

Dear all,
This weekend i lost the connection of my account on MyCloud O5 and i can´t log in again.
After change the version it works normally and indexed the files correctly as the print below is all updated.

i have internet connection, i can access in local.

But, when try to log in again, this updating status appear and do not change and appear time out.


i tried to do this in different browsers, after clear all cookies, reset the password, nothing works, should i reset my MyCloudEX2Ultra ?

@cmallagoli Please delete the image above the one that says “Updating” because it contains your email address. Please collect the system logs, send to support and let me know your case number before doing a reset.

When you login to MyCloud.com, what message do you get?
Have you received a “Blocked Access” email response from noreply@mycloud.com?

I just open the ticket #201222-001173, the log file is inside the ticket with a download link, i can place the link here if you want.

When i log in at https://www.mycloud.com/setup i do not receive any message.

I receive e-mail from noreply@mycloud.com and and none of then about this issue.

i made another ticket before with the same details of this topic: #201222-000346

This is the view of my log: