I can not reach my Dashboard anymore

I can for some reason not reach my Dashboard anymore. Microsoft Edge is asking for a password. By entering this password the setup of my modem opens instead. What has happened? How can I solve this?


You generally accesses the My Cloud Dashboard by http://wdmycloud (windows) or http://wdmycloud.local (mac). Or one can access the My Cloud via it’s IP address. If your accessing your router’s administration page then it sounds like your using the wrong IP address.


Thanks! Where can I find my IP addresses for My Cloud?

press win+r, type cmd, press enter, type arp -a, press enter. Now you see all ip-adrress have in your network and his MAC adress for all device, look to the back side of your device and find MAC adress, find this adress in cmd, opposit IP address is adress for your device. Sorry for my English.

If the arp -a mentioned by the previous poster does not work one can access the administration page of their router and find the My Cloud IP Address on the router’s DHCP settings or client list page.

If you are using Windows then open up your Network and if your My Cloud is shown under Storage do a right click on it then click on Properties and then click on the address shown (Device Webpage) to open up the Dashboard. See example image below.

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