I can not integrate my HD into my Windows domain

Hello everyone,

I recently bought an external drive NAS functionality WD20000H2NC model, however, I can not integrate it into my Windows domain. My Windows 2008 servers.

The version of my hd is: with MioNet 01/01/1918
built on Wed Dec 2 15:55:04 CT 2009

How can you help?


I heared something that they only support Windows 2003 Server ADs.

Windows 2008 is not supported so far…

Maybe it will come with the ne firmware…


but the firmware is not aviable anymore…

The new firmware is available, however don’t upgrade to version 1.02.04 if you don’t want get new big problems 

Read first forum

Did yoy configure correct your NAS?

Did you connect your NAS to the internal Domain?

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