I bought a My passport Essential 500gb a few weeks ago i went through a power failure


and now i can only see the drive when i wait for a long time and when it does appear it says g is not acssesible parameter is incorrect i think the partition table is damaged or something can someone plz help me


Have you tried that drive on a diferent computer to see if the same issue follows? I would recommend to scan the drive with some diagnostics software like WD’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics or the Windows’s CHKDSK.EXE if possible, if this is not possible then the best option you have left to at least use the drive again is to reformat the drive, please remember that reformatting the drive will erase everything in it, you might be able to recover that information if you use some data recovery software, I do not know much about them but I’ve heard that FileScavenger is a good application to recover erased or corrupt files on drives, you can Googlen this application up to download it.


m completely agree with the advisor…data recovery software may help u…

piriform.com/recuva this is a completely free data recovery software offered by piriform(Ccleaner’s company…)hope t will help u… and do make sure of power when u r dealing with such a precious thing with valuable data…