Hurry up with the 3TB Caviar Black already

Excuse my outburst but this is getting kind of ridiculous…

What is WD waiting for? Both Seagate and Hitachi have 7200rpm SATA3 3TB internal drives out but WD is stuck in the green swamp…

Are we going to see the WD3002FAEX anytime soon should we all start switching to your competitors permanently?

At least if some official information was shared with the press, we’d know that our wait wasn’t all for nothing.

We rarely communicate things that we’re working on, but I’m confident that it won’t be long before 3 TB Caviar Blacks will be available for purchase.

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Frankly I need some reason to not buy a seagate at the moment, I am moving to 3TB for my work and hobbies (photographer) but I have been a WD man for years, but the stonewall of silence is very disheartening


I realise that 1) you probably don’t know yourself and 2) even if you did know, you probably wouldn’t be allowed to say; but I would really appreciate it if you could give us some sort of hint about when the 3Tb Caviar Black drives will start to be available in the shops.

I have 19 of your drives already, a 300Gb Velociraptor as a system drive, 5 x 1Tb Caviar Black drives (bought before the 2Tb version was released), and the rest are all 2Tb Caviar Blacks. Each is dedicated to certain types of data (1 for movies, 1 for games, 1 for photos, etc). They tend to fill up rapidly, and 2Tb is *WAY* too small for me! As they fill up I buy new drives (at the moment I can only buy more 2Tb drives), but if the 3Tb drives were going to be released in the near(ish) future, I could juggle my data around using free space on my existing drives until I got some 3Tb drives - then I could revert back to my ‘dedicated data-type’ drive setup.

I would be *very* disappointed to have bought 2 or 3 new 2Tb drives - only to find that a week later the 3Tb drives are released! If I had even a rough idea of when I could reasonably expect to get them locally, I would know how many 2Tb drives to buy now. I’m sure MANY people would be very interested in this information too!

Some clues, please?


I have 2 x 2 TB WD Caviar Blacks and 2 x 1 TB on another rig.

I just like the name of your product and that is what binds me to your product.

In reality , what you are failing to see is that there are millions more just like me.

The next big thing are those Seagate Barracooda’z. They sound bada**

You guys better get your show on the road . 

Good luck

For those who haven’t yet heard: Hitachi (which is now, as far as I’m aware, owned by WD), has recently announced their 4TB internal drives and they’re due to hit stores in January.

Sure it’s only 5400rpm 4TB, but at least they’re making an effort. I’m willing to bet their 7200rpm 4TB drives will be ready before WD’s 7200rpm 3TB drives.

Let’s hope WD’s been stalling only because they wish to jump straight to 4TB… but then that might be wishful thinking.

Shouldn’t be too long now.

We just need to wait for WD to finish reverse-engineering Seagate’s technology.  Since they’ve been out for a while now, WD should be almost ready.

I’d hold off before buying a 2TB and just wait for the 3TB version.