Hulu Plus & Pandora Apps on CDN WD TV Live using ibVPN

Hi Guys,

I’ve just purchased an VPN service from ibVPN and along with it i’ve received s free DNS to redirect my services to US.However, I am not able to get the Hulu Plus & Pandora Apps on it.

Im pretty sure that the trafick is being redirected to US, since i do have the US NetFlix.

How do I get about installing these appas that are restricted to US

Any help is much appreciated


Any feedback guys?


What firmware are you running? did you had those services before?

I had this issue too. I needed to do a factory reset. Once the device came back up, I had to make sure not to connect to the network automatically (unless your router is setup to use your VPN), and then put in the appropriate network settings (DNS in my case). Then the US apps (Hulu, Spotify, etc.) appeared. 

I think if your box detects it’s in Canada at initialization, it only shows you the Canadian apps.

The above post is correct. The player uses the internet to geo locate its self using your IP address. Once you connect to the internet at setup it will only show those services that are for your country. If it cannot find your location then it will only show general services. You have to make sure that your player is set up to show you are in the USA before resetting your location in the setup menu.

Thanks guys for your feedbacks. I’m not sure what version I’m running, but I did a firmware update couple of weeks ago.
I have to check the version when I get home.

I never had those services, since I have always been on the Canadian network. I did a factory reset, but I made thee mistake of logging in to my WiFi which is not set with the US DNS.

I will try to factory reset again tonight and enter my network info manually with the new DNS

I’ll keep you guys up to date

I recently bought a 2TB version of this unit as soon as they were available on  The unit shipped with a pre-populated dashboard list that included pandora and hulu plus.  I was able to access these services using an Americain DNS for over a week, then suddenly they disappeared over the weekend.

I’ve tried resetting back to factory (while disconnected from the internet) and entering the Americain DNS before connecting, but it isn’t working.  I’ve also tried rolling back to the previous firmware with no luck, although I don’t believe this is an issue as it worked fine on the latest firmware for over a week.  Resetting location after setting the Americain DNS doesn’t work either.

The only thing I can think of that triggered this was that I registered the product this past Saturday morning - I listened to pandora that afternoon so I know it didn’t immediately wipe out the US services, however perhaps it is related?

Any thoughts on how to get these services back?  I really enjoyed pandora and may very well return the box if I can’t get this going again.  It’s a shame that they remove the services from the box completely and that there’s no “store” to download them from - I understand we aren’t supposed to get them anyways, but most devices simply tell you a particular service isn’t available in your country when you try to open them.

It works on IP address and your location. They are still there but not shown. You need to use some sort of proxy that appears to show you are in the US and then reset the location.
Out of interest you are posting in the wrong forum, this for the Live streaming player. You I assume have a live hub and there is another forum for that.

Thanks for the quick reply! 

I was afraid it decided location based on IP address and that DNS didn’t matter for this purpose (it works fine to get the US netflix though, but that of course shows up anyways since netflix is indeed available here). 

I’m a little perplexed on why it worked without issue for a week or so, but it seems that it eventually noticed it was in Canada somehow and refuses to revert back regardless of what I do (unless I can connect it to a US IP Address from the sounds of it).  I don’t know if the unit recognizing what country it was in was bound to happen sooner or later, but I really wish I didn’t register the thing now…

Thanks for the forum clarification as well - got here through a google search and didn’t notice :slight_smile:

It never worked for me. I was never able to get Hulu or Pandora on my box. I have tried resetting an entering the network info manually with the US DNS, but no luck.

It sounds like the issue is that while a US DNS allows pandora and hulu plus to work, the WDTV boxes themselves decide whether or not to display the apps by IP Address.

The only thing I can see is that my box was originally shipped with a US configuration (ordered from but once it recognized it was in Canada a week or so later, it blocked access and I’m SOL.  Deezer sounds like a decent option, but I won’t even bother since they limit you to 2hrs/mo after their trial period.