Hulu audio

I have a live SMP. I couldn’t get audio on network and local storage with the new firmware so i had to downgrade to old 1.04 firmware. Now I signed up for Hulu plus and get no audio…just video. What’s up? Will I ever be able to use new firmware and how do I get hulu to play audio?

I just talked to support and they said Hulu is stereo only. I have the WD audio set to optical to detect DD, DTS, etc…Will this setting detect stereo also? or do i have to manually switch to stereo every time I watch hulu?

I use optical passthrough as well.

Hulu (and many other services) don’t work for me if I have AAC selected in the audio options. Likely an incompatibility with my receiver.

If you leave DD/DTS selected and disable(uncheck) AAC, you’ll still get 5.1 surround from your DD/DTS files and Netflix HD.

For Hulu (and other AAC files) the WDTV will convert to stereo PCM which your receiver will play.

That did the trick…Thanks