Hulu freezes


I updated to the newest version of firmware for my WDBGXt0000NBK-01 this week, and Hulu always freezes. I can have Hulu without any problem on my Mac, but on WD TV Live, it always freezes after few minutes. The app does not crash, but after a while, i can let it run again until it freezes again. The time in between of the freezes is about 1-3 minutes, but you can not let it run that 3 times. After that, you have to go out of the movie and then go back where it stopped. That is very annoying and not really usable.

Do you have any solution for this? 


Have you tried a power cycle and/or a reset on you media player? It is always recommended to do a power cycle after a firmware update.

Yes, I ddi remove the device from the power and reconnected it again. However, this did not help.

Thank you for any other ideas in advance!