Huge Problems with WD Mycloud... files disappearing

I recently installe done of these in a small clients office (they have 4 or 5 users) and wanted a simple storage device. I had used these before andf they loooked good so I bought one. It has been a huge embarrassment and I hope you can help me resolve my users issues.

Here is the behavior described to me:

I had a file saving problem in FileA. It could have been around 5:41. Detailed:

  • The original file was saved in the “FolderA” folder in Share1 (saved there on Tuesday). 

  • I hit save and it said it could not be saved. I hit okay, and then save again, and it said “file not saved”. 

  • I copy/pasted the data into a new, blank document, and closed the original file. When I tried to reopen the original it told me Excel cannot open this file, it may be corrupted. 

  • I saved the copy/pasted version to my desktop and continued working in that. 

My client is repeatedly going back to using their desktops becaus eof saving and corrupt file frustratiopns on wd mycloud.

Firmware is up to date.

Please help.

If one maps the WD My Cloud through connection to their local computer then there will be problems with saving and opening files on or to the WD My Cloud. The problem actually lies with Microsoft Office in that case. If you have mapped the drive(s) through then see the following explanation from WD Support and a workaround to the problem if connecting remotely through

Microsoft Office documents in a device connected through WD My Cloud Remote Web Access cannot be opened

If both the client computers and the WD My Cloud device are both on the same local network, there is no need to map the drive through the WD2Go interface and one should be able to save/open Microsoft Office documents on the WD My Cloud. See the WD Support documents below for directions on how to map a WD My Cloud that is on the local network (not remotely).

How to map a WD My Cloud or NAS product on a Windows PC

Mapping a drive letter on a WD Network hard drive using WD Discovery

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Is this when you use the unit remotelyor on your local network?