Huge playback problem with WD Live

Hey all.
I really need youre help.

I have a WD live and a Qnap NAS.
All my movies and so on are on my Qnap NAS.

After the latest update 1.14.09 i cant play eney of my files when my WD live have been in standby (not totally shut off)

But after a normal restart (power plug put or restart in the Setup menu) it plays fine.
I can fine see my “Movie” “series” folders i can select them and select a movie file but then the loading circel just spins around.

The files i have tryed is jpeg,mp4,mp3,MKV,AVI
BUT when i select .img files (or iso) it plays right away! 

I have tryed to move a .mkv file to my “DVD” folder on my NAS but the circel just spins around.

This i have treyed

Restart my switch
Reset my router
Restart my Qnap NAS
Reset my WD live (from the SETUP and under the WD live)

AND downgrade to Firmware Ver. 1.13.18 but the same problem. And version Firmware Ver. 1.12.14.

When i play the files on my PC from the Qnap NAS everything works fine!

EDIT: When i chose NOT to have DVD Menu to ON it wont play .img files. With menu ON plays fine!

I really hope you can help.

Regards Daniel

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I have the same problem. The new firmware does not play MKVs. Downgraded to the previous version. Still the problem persists.

So it’s not the firmware, is it? I’m watching nothing but MKVs on 1.14.09.

Yes it must bee.

I have tryed the 3 latests firmwares and the same problem!

But i cant play .mkv. JPEG. Mp4 or .avi.

But a restart fixes it.

But if i have seen a movie (about 1h 30min) and i want to see another movie it does the same **bleep**! Have to restart EVERY time!

Regards Daniel

I have the exact problem 

very frustrating!

I have made a support case to WD I think you should do the same!