HubFlow (Mac/PC) can't find episodes

Hi Tobogon,

It seems the old thread got locked, so I thought I’d start a new one.

I have a LOT of trouble with TV episodes being recognized correctly.  For instance, HubFlow cannot find these episodes when presented with these file names (and when I select the correct show after HubFlow searches for the show and the poster):



What am I doing wrong? I have tons of other episodes from other shows in this file format, and *sometimes* HubFlow will find them and name them correctly, and sometimes it won’t (after I successfully find the show).  Seems very hit or miss.  If I try the same process using WDTVHubGen, bam, it finds them now problem, so it’s not a TheTVDB issue…

Also, a Feature Request:  I keep most of my shows in the following folder structure:

Show Name/Season 01/S01E01.Blah.Blah.Blah.mkv

Now I know HubFlow isn’t going to find the episode when the show names aren’t included in the file name of the episode…is there any way for HubFlow to look up the folder heirarchy until it hits the show name, and then pretend the show name is part of the file name (you know what I mean) so that the search will work better?  I’m getting tired of using Sick Beard to rename all my shows to have the show name in the file name, using HubFlow, and then renaming them all back again.

Thank you for such a great program! WDTV doesn’t seem to do any of it’s own movie/show hunting when you have a drive shared over a read-write NFS share.  This is a life-saver.

Hi Iannister,

The old forum was closed, probably because of lack of activity. I recently uploaded version 1.28 but couldn’t announce it using the forum. Anyway, version 1.28 was corrupted, so I re-uploaded the good old 1.27.

Coming to your request:  I’m afraid you discovered a bug, and I’d like thank you for reporting this to me.  I’m currently testing a version addressing this issue - seems to work; but I will test it more thoroughly to avoid a case similar to the ill-fated 1.28 release.

If you’re interested, the episode was identified correctly by the decoding algorithm but a bug at the level of data retrieval from the internet made Hubflow interpret that this episode was not existing. So the procedure was aborted.



One more thing…Forgot to address your feature request

 Actually, HubFlow does not care about the show name or the episode name being in the title of the file. As long as you have identified the show, Hubflow will parse the folder you gave to it as a target an do its analyzing. So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be working with your folder structure. Try it and let me know.


Thanks so much Chris.  I’m more than happy to test a new version for you when it’s ready.

Thanks again!

FYI - 1.27 can’t find any episodes of “The Wire” either (after I selected the poster and hit save):

The Wire/Season 01/S01E01.The.Target.avi

Just another data point for you.

Out of curiousity, what set of circumstances triggers the bug?

This type of bugs are the most difficult to fix as the problem lies in the interaction with the server. For instance if the request is not fomatted correctly, the server could reply that there’s nothing to do about it. That’s why I want to make sure that HubFlow is “dialoguing” with the server correctly beefore releasing the new version. 

By the way , I noticed that your second file name extension is .kmv instead of .mkv. Please note that is your file 'extension is not a movie one (avi, mov, wmv, iso…), Hubflow will skip it as it considers that it is not a movie.


kmv was just a typo on my part when posting to the forum; it does indeed say mkv on the file. Good to know, though!

I just tested several other shows that I have named in the same way (S01E01.blah.blah.mkv) and none of them appear to work. Again, just FYI.


Version 1.29 is uploaded.

I tested the connection to the server and it appears that the server is not always answering positively to requests. This version 1.29 try to improve things, but success is largely dependent on the server. If you still have episodes that are not indentified, try again later. The owners of the know that , their application will be re-written from scracth. 

Other changes include:

  • Accented characters in XML files should display correctly on the WDTV hub
  • Correction to the big bug affecting the movies search function in version 1.28
  • Better icon for the Windows version