Hub stops responding while using Pandora

Hi there,

I have the latest firmware on my Hub and I noticed that if I use Pandora for a while (play 5 songs or so); eventually,  the Hub becomes unresponsive. Nothing works and the music keeps playing nonstop. The only thing left for me to do was to perform a hard reset of the unit. I’ve seen the issue 4 out of 4 times and it’s pretty annoying. 

I’ve been searching around and couldn’t find any solution/suggestion. Can someone please help?



It may not be related, But symptoms looks same… Does your remote control stop responding when this happens?

It could very well be a bug in the latest Firmware… more and more people are reporting hanging, Freezing. unresponsive remote… etc; etc;

Check this out:

You may also contact WD customer support and report your problem with them and ask for solution.


Yes, the remote stops responding when it happens so I either need to press the POWER button on the Hub for a while to reboot the unit or just unplug it. 

I actually found your thread after I posted my message and I believe is the same issue. I’ll try downgrading and see if that fixes the problem.

Thanks a lot Vista! And hopefully, WD comes up with a solution soon.