Hub REboot, and then quites Loading

I have mutlple Hub at home.

The last unit I set up, all I did was reset the Hub, then after loading up, added my home city in the Weather. As soon as I did that and pressed OK, the Hub rebooted, and tried reloading again. Upon re-loading the hub stalled.

I unplugged the network cable, and then the unplugged the Hub, re-booted and I get the the GUI. One I plugg in the network cable, the Hub rebooted again.

My guess, there is a problem with the Weather APP, and it cuases the device to reboot. Since the re-boot occurs after the ‘OK’ is pressed , the setting is not properly saved and there fore the Hub cannot properly boot the net time.

Its consistant too, and can sause it to crash every time.

So I’ll lable it as a firmware bug

Anybody else?

Try a full reset either throuh the settings menu or use the button on the bottom of the Hub. At the very least that will clear the weather settings. If it persists after that I would rollback or reflash the same firmware again.

Ive reset the firmware back to factory setting so many times now and the same hapens.

Next I’m going to roll mack the firmware and advance it to see if the problem persists.

The thing that pisses me off, it all takes time to do this. I really don’t have time to figure these bugs out.