Hub issues and preffered file format

Had some issues with my unit where it keeps losing the Film text and reverting it back to the folder or filename, each time I have to rescan info, even though all of the xml files and jpg’s are there!!

So where it was Knight and Day, after it updates the media library, it comes back as KNIGHT_AND_DAY!!

WD Support told me it was my issue and nothing to do with their firmware/hardware. How they came to that asumption i do not know.

However, I have copied everything off onto my WHS, formated the disk and have started putting it back on.

I have had a look through the forums but could not find anything, but what is the best format to archive/backup my DVD’s?

ISO’s or use the VIDEO_TS structure??

thanks in advance.


MKV seems to be the best format I have tried.

If its a choice between VIDEO_TS and iso then iso is the best. One file with the complete DVD. Easy to play and you can always zip out the contents if you need the vobs at a later date.