Hub Filesystem Errors!

I’ve been working on a theme for weeks called BoxHub. The folder name on the drive under .wdtv was “BoxHub”. So I downloaded the Legacy theme through the hub from online and it replaced every one of my BoxHub files. Didn’t ask to overwrite and makes no sense being as how the folder name is “BoxHub” and not “Legacy”. So I’m not sure whats going on here, but you might wanna check into that WD. If the filesystem is not working properly in your firmware, what might get overwritten next?

Well, yeah, that’s particularly odd, because that’s not where themes are stored.

Themes are stored in

.wd_tv\theme[theme name]


.wd_tv[theme name]

Yea, I had moved my “BoxHub” folder from .wd_tv/themes to .wd_tv, so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. I should had backed it up I guess, but I didn’t figure that downloading the Legacy theme would save to the wrong folder location under the wrong folder name and write over all of my files.

So, I was going through the “BoxHub” folder that I had thought Legacy wrote over the files, and it turns out that it didn’t just write over them, it deleted some as well. I have a BoxHub folder filled with files from Legacy theme. I also had about 12 files that were custom named (not part of the Legacy theme), and these files are completely missing. So the Hub had deleted the files in the BoxHub folder and then put in the Legacy files. I had gone through and deleted anything from the Hub, just in case someone might have any ideas to try?

I know you’re probably gun-shy at this point, but can you reproduce this?

I’d like to try it on my end.

Hey dhadleymail,

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.  I built MOJO over PsychoTCHs Anodized theme, and it gives me an option to Upgrade, even though there’s no upgrade available.  And if you press Upgrade it will try to overwrite my theme with the Anodized theme.

I don’t know if this is a case of it caching something when you install a theme and you make a new theme with that theme and the meta info doesn’t get overwritten or it’s something that I missing, although as of now I can’t see what it might it would be.  I also don’t know if this is just a side effect of making a theme on your own machine, it may not be an issue when others install your theme.

Anyway, I would suggest to always backup your themes to your PC and if you need to download the Legacy theme, although I would suggest downloading the Mochi (OSD) theme (you can find a link to the latest in the Themes Forum), because the Legacy theme doesn’t contain all the icons and info that the OSD does, to your PC, then copy what you need to your theme.

My guess is that its:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<meta version="0.01" service="wdtv" ptype="villa" date="2010/08/01"/>
<theme id="0001">
        <title>Mochi (Default)</title>
         <screen_shot title="home" thumbnail=""></screen_shot>
         <screen_shot title="browse" thumbnail=""></screen_shot>
         <author>Western Digital</author>
         <description><![CDATA[The WD TV Live Hub Spectrum Theme (Mochi) will enhance your media interaction by getting the best out of your High Definition TV.
                The whole family will enjoy browsing content with the colorful styling and friendly elements.]]></description>
         <package_url> </package_url>

 … that PACKAGE line.

If it’s a valid URL, and the DATE online is more recent, then the UPGRADE FLAG illuminates?

I haven’t tested this theory, but it seems plausible…

this is the “meta.xml” file, by the way…

I’m not sure if the Package line has anything to do with it, since all the themes that I have, have the same line.  But the only ones that try to overwrite with the “build on” theme (the theme you build on top of) is the ones built on my on machine.

This are the Package lines from other themes:

PsychoTHC’s Anodized theme

<package_url> </package_url>

Legacy Theme

<package_url> </package_url>

Mochi Theme

<package_url> </package_url>

If you change all the info in the meta.xml, for your theme, the HUB should see the theme as a different theme than the “build on” theme.  But it doesn’t, it still thinks it’s the original theme that you have modified.

Thanks Tinwarble. I’ll look into that as a possibility. I’m gonna start themeing again and just make sure that I backup all my work onto the computer as well and not rely solely on the Hub itself. But thanks for the information.