Hub connects to my network but stops in the middle of copying files (Kbps rate)

I have hooked up the hub with  a d-link N dual band USB adapter with no issues.

All computers see the hub and all computers use windows 7. Media played will play to the hub.

Can not copy movies to the hub, the transfer rate to Kbps at best and will stop and say can not find the file folder or device on the network. I have no idea what is going on can anyone help?

bigblunt, do you obtain the same results when copying files through a wired connection?


Bigblunt … i have the same isse with mine.

I use wireless connectivity, using a Belkin wireless modem/router, and have a Belkin wireless adapter in the WD TV Live Hub.

On my Windows 7 laptop I have set the WDTVLIVEHUB as a network drive and I can browse and manage folders, no worries.

I can copy small files (for eg, an album or 2’s worth of mp3s), but if I try and copy a 1.3Gb avi file across it gets about half way in at around 1.3Mb/sec, and then loses connection to the drive and never reconnects/resumes.

So, wrt to ‘wired’ operations. 

It is 100% not feasible for me to connect my laptop to my router to my Live Hub, so lets immediately rule that out (opposite sides of the house).

If I connect the laptop directly to the Live Hub via an ethernet cable and use the clunky WORKAROUND of setting static IP addresses for TCP/IP4 port and the Live Hub, I can get seamless copying (at 16Mb/sec).  I hate this route though, because  its such a pain to configure.

Suggestions, anyone?  Maybe I am missing something fundamental here (I hope so!) but right now my experience of hard copying files from my laptop to the Hub is painful and awkward.

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I too have the same problem.  I just connected mine this weekend via a D-Link USB N network adapter.  When I try to copy files using Windows 7 explorer, most of the times it will stop mid-transfer and tell me the mapped drive is no longer available.

I am now trying the WD Link software to see if that makes a difference.

I have the same problem with wired connection.

In fact I created a new thread for this issue

I hope someone could find a workflow to solve it.

Still having same problems.  Static IP address on all equipment.  I am going to try from my Windows Home Server (Windows Server 2003 based) and see if the problem still exists.

When using Windows 7 64 bit, it will transfer at a rage of about 1.5 - 1.8 MB/Second and take about an hour for a large movie.  However it will ALWAYS fail about 3/4 to 7/8 of the way through the transfer with the problems shown above.  The mapped drive will drop out, you will have to cancel the rest of the transfer and then suddenly the mapped drive will come back.