Https:// as WebDAV in iOS

I was wondering before I bought a mybook live duo about the ability to use the MBLD as a WebDAV server through on an iOS device. Some apps like the iWork apps, goodreader, iannotate, and others let you upload and download files through WebDAV servers. Some of these apps mount the disk for editing, which is a real nice feature. I was wondering if anyone has tried to use and their login name and password to do this. I would love this functionality and almost need it to purchase a MBLD.

I have the mybooklive duo 4tb, iPhone 4s, and ipad 1st gen. I recently bought the Pages app and was able to use the WebDAV option in the app to copy Pages docs to and from the MBL when I am at home on my own wireless network. Works very well and allows access to whatever folder you select (unlike the clunky wdphotos app). Whether it can connect through another wireless network (i.e. Starbucks) is something I am not sure about since I don’t know much about how WebDAV works.


Has anyone actually been able to do this?