HTTPS connection


I just bought a EX2 Ultra mainly to store and archive files from my different devices (especially external connection)

But safety does matter to me, and I was thinking about HTTPS protocol at least.

I do not manage to set HTTPS access (port forwarding on my box OK, on mycloud device OK (connection and port forwarding said to be OK, cloud access ON).

Can you tell me where I am wrong please ? What URL should I dial from external network it seems to be unreachable from outside ?
Do I need a CSR ?

No firewall on my box, IP v4 static.
Thank you for you help.

If you have other tips to secure access I am interessed (firewall…)



In order for you to connect remotely to your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra from other devices, you will need to port-forward both the ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS):

For related information, please check out the links below:

Hello, Thank you for your answer.

The port forwarding is correctly done.
Let’s imagine I forwaded :

  • HTTP : 8080 to 80
  • HTTPS : 8443 to 443
    my point is the external connection to https://my_external_IP:8443 is not “secured” (error message at the connection, directing me to normal HTTP access".

How is the encryption done ? Is a CSR required ?

Thank you for your availability

did you ever got this resolved i am facing the same probem, would love to hear the sollution !!



I have the same problem, but in Windows 10 on my local network. When I access My Cloud EX2 Ultra on my home network, Chrome complains that the http: is not secure with the message “Your connection is not private”. There is an advanced button shown that lets me log onto the NAS, but with an http connection. Is https supported?