How's this supposed to work?

I installed the drivers and WDSmartWare, and used the Smart Ware to backup a netbook through the software’s backup tab. Now when I plug in the drive, it starts looking for things to ‘import’ and finds thousands of files, even though I had just backup up without making changes to files. What is this drive trying to do? Shouldn’t it instead look for new or changes files on the computer to import into the drive to update the backup files, or something rational like that?

I’ve updated the software.

Windows 7 basic 32-bit

Atom 1.66 GHz  1GB RAM

The software will do an incremental backup, meaning that only new and edited files will be added.

You can check the files for backup and backed up on the backup tab. Make sure you verify the numbers in both categories match, if they differ then it will continue to backup until it’s the same.