How would I make this setup work?

Hello WD community!

After a recent review on a danish website, I’ve almost become in love with this little thing.

I have been crunching myself, trying to figure a way to implement this into my current home-system.

I was this to replace my desktop computer - which is the current media center.

I have my desktop wired to my Phillips TV ( with a HDMI cable through a VGA -> HDMI converter, while having my Logitech 5.1 speaker system plugged into the computer with 3 mini-jack cables (green, black, orange).

Now, I want the Live Hub to replace my desktop computer, so that my computer would only be used, when I have to transfer movies to the Hub, as all my music and pictures would be put on the hub, as well as the most important movies and series.

But how could that work? I want to use my 5.1 sound system, but can’t figure how to convert 3 minijacks into something useful, and in that case - how would I put it together.

Also, on a second note;

Living in Denmark, I don’t have the priviledge to watch netflix - though this would remove the requirement to have series on the internal harddrive.

I’ve been thinking about the possibilities of getting an american IP-adress, but I don’t know what the Hub supports.

Can anybody shred some light on how this would be possible? Paying 20-30$ a month wouldn’t be a problem to get access to Netflix.

If your speakers doesn’t have an optical port, you will need something like this to be able to hear 5.1 surround sound from your speaker using the hub. That kind of device converts the hub’s digital optical sound to your speaker’s analog sound. As for getting an american IP address, that is not possible unless a customized firmware is made with that kind of feature.