How/when are new Ideas assessed? Do WD staff take part in this forum?

How does the Ideas section work?  Do people from WD take part in these forums?  Do they comment upon the ideas that are put forward or do they just take them into consideration when they are deciding on what they might include in the next/future firmware updates?

I’m sure people would like to get feedback from people at WD - it would be interesting to know if any major changes are likely to be made to it or whether its purely maintenance from now on.  Is there a dedicated dev team that is improving and enhancing the firmware?

It’s a little of everything.

WD does, at least, observe the Ideas Labs, whether or not they comment;  this is evidenced by the number of IDEAS that have made it into reality.

Don’t be swayed by the people why lash out at WD claiming they don’t listen because THEIR Idea doesn’t make it…   Not every idea will be considered; and sometimes even the high votes won’t make it because of technical, legal, or strategic reasons.

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