How Upgradeable?

I have 2 G-Drives which are maxed out on capacity. The enclosures are fine and I hate to not use them if I can install a larger WD HDD. One drive is identified only as part # 99300-13103-001. The other is 0G00203 and GD4-2000. I’d appreciate any help the Forum can give me.

The 99300 based PN is excessively legacy and those units never had more than a 1TB drive in them. The Gen 4 G-drives that you have a 2TB model of can support up to 4TB without issue. Beyond that they were moved to a new chipset when higher capacities were released so they weren’t tested.

Your first unit will max out at 2TB and the Gen 4 unit most likely 4 but you can try for higher if you wish.

Thank you for the help!

Rydia I thought we had the issue solved with the drive Upgrade on the Gen 4 enclosure. I installed a new 4tb WD Gold series drive and using Drive Utilities on the Mac erased the drive once it appeared on the desktop. It is only showing 1.8tb of capacity. Strangely, the drive it replaces was 2tb. I also ran Disk First Aid and all showed OK. What is going on here and is there a way to reach the full 4tb? Your first reply indicated the 4tb should be OK under this enclosure.

That enclosure will not have the ability to read advanced format drives. The new Golds are not like drives that were made back then. It won’t support 4K native drive capacities. You would need to use a much older style of drive that was using 512 sectors. That being said it is possible that one is limited to 2TB due to the age of the chipset.