How to view ALL content on ALL drives/shares

how do I (or can I) setup the hub to show/list all the movies available on all drives and shares and servers and hub at the same time (like a listing of all movies available across the network), this is something I like about the netgear eva… can it be done?? how?

In my limited usage so far it seems that I have to firstly specify the location of the movies then it will list the contents but only of that location.

(I have content on two NAS, the netgear and the hub)



Unfortunately, this is not possible, the WD TV Live Hub does not have this capacity. At least for now.

thanks for the reply oxter.

one other thing I have noticed is that the “recently played” and “last 30 days” lists are always empty…

is this again because all my files are on the network and this listing only applies to content on the hub internal HDD.? 

I have not notice this, I will have to check this when I get home.