How to use two USB WD 750GB at the same time?

Hi, I have two WD USB 750GB, Im using Windows 7 Ultimate,

I need the two WD USB at the same time !!!

First I setup the first drive, and all seems to be ok. VCD appears as a CD drive(D:) , and WD as normal external USB drive (E:).  (Password protected, and VCD enable, works fine)


When I connect the second one, the second VCD appear as 2nd CD drive (F:) , but  NONE drive appear as a second normal USB Drive(None).

What am I doing wrong? I need this second drive as No password protected and VCD disable, just as normal “NOT INTELLIGENT” drive. What I have to do?

Thanks and Best Regards.


I also have the same problem. I have one WD 500 and I bought another WD passport 500 Gb. I attempted to transfer data from one to another. I am unable. Please help.


Finally y got the solution from other forum :smiley:

( If I wait WD team, I will never had and answer :angry:)

So for those like my that have more than one WD USB Drive with “SMART Software” try this :

1.- You need to have administrative rights at computer user.

2.- Go to START button, and right click on  “COMPUTER” and Select “MANAGE”.

3.- In this window, select from left side " Disk Management "

4.- You will see your drives at right side. (HERE YOU WILL SEE YOUR NOT WORKING DRIVE, ITS APPEAR AS OFFLINE)

5.- So right click on “OFFLINE” tag and select “ONLINE”

6.- Done…

Well, it works for me running Win7 64 RC Utimate … Hope It works on yours… Have fun…