How to use My Book without WD Smartware

I installed the drive, and have been using the Smartware to keep copies current.  I would like to uninstall the software and use the disk for storage.  Sounds simple, but when I uninstall the software, the disk disappears.  What do I need to install, and where, to use this as an external disk?  Appreciate any help anyone can give.

“…the disk disappears”. Can you se the disk in Computer Management? Is a drive letter assigned? If not, assign a letter. Search for Answer ID 6582 Using a WD external drive without using WD SmartWare


  Seems we’re attempting the same thing, avoiding the use of  SmartWare. I posted about the same time as you did today. I just checked and can confirm I still have access to my MyBook drive in Windows Explorer. I click on Network and the MyBook drive shows up along with other PCs on my home network. 

So, you unistalled the WD Smartware, but could still see your My Book external hard drive?  I ask because, after I uninstalled the WD Smartware, the drive disappeared, and was completely un-accessible.  I could not see it in Device Manager, My Computer, or Windows Explorer.  Oh, I tried the search named above (in the first response) and it sent me back to my original post.

Affirmative, after un-installing SmartWare, I could still access my WD MyBook drive. On other PCs on my network, I don’thave Smartware installed and I found I can access the drive as well. I checked Task Manager (all users) and there is no sign of any WD processes. WDFME.exe is definitely gone.

In My Computer or Windows Explorer, do you see it when you click on Network? You should at a minimum see listed the PC you are using. I find it takes up to a minute for other PCs and the MyBook to appear in the Network list sometimes. But it’ there.

What if you use a web browser to go to  http://mybooklive/UI/     I find that wakes the drive up and speeds up its appearance in Windows Explorer. Keep trying, the MyBook drive appears to be working for me without SmartDrive.

In Windows 7, I don’t use the home group (or whatever it’s called), I don’t know if that’s a factor. 

Hi again,

  Adding to my discoveries with the MyBook Live. Another way to access the MyBook is to log into and there is the option to “Open in Explorer” which then gives you the standard Windows Explorer access to your files. Again without Smartware installed.

  As a new user to MyBook, I really like the concept and I think it will serve my needs of having the benefits of “cloud storage” without the ongoing costs plus the knowledge that my data are in my possession. I think the collection of WD software could use an overhaul for clarity and re-naming for clarity. For instance, if SmartWare is really mainly for backup, rennaming it SmartBackup would clarify things. And standardizing the user interface would help so whether you accesthe drive through mybook/live in a browser or through, the interface should offer the same utilities. 

  The learning curve is quite high. I’m several weeks into owning the MyBook drive and I still haven’t figured it all out. However, what I have working works great,. 


I can’t uninstall the WD Smartware. It doesn’t appear in my Control Panel, Installed Programs.

I got the updated WD Smartware from WD but that was only an uninstaller for the uninstaller.

How do I stop that CD Drive E: by uninstalling it?

I desperately need help here. This is driving me crazy!