How to upload images from gallery folders MyCloud

How can I upload images sent to me by Whatsapp to My Cloud? I tried selecting the images from Photo Gallery and ‘share’ to WD Mycloud. Ended up I can view the image in “Downloads” but it doesn’t seem to have uploaded to the harddisk. 

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Are you presented with an error message when this happens?


I am having the same issue as this person. There is no error code to speak of, and it might just be that feature is not available on the WD My Cloud App.

Basically, here’s where the issue comes up. Say someone sends me a picture on Whatsapp, and i would like to upload that picture into my MyCloud drive. The first step is to click on the picture, then hit share, which gives you an array of options (Instagram, Twitter, email, etc). So i click on the WD MyCloud icon. Normally, using a service like Dropbox, or Google Drive, when you hit share, it gives you the option to save the file and also to save it in a specific folder within your cloud. Instead, when i click Share, it takes me to the “Downloads” Folder of the MyCloud app, with no option to save the file.

I also run into the same issue with my SMS app or any app where i can save files.

Maybe this feature is not integrated on the app? or is there a way to set this up?

Also, here’s the specs on my mobile device:

-Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1

-Latest update of the WD MyCloud app (as of 4/5/2015

-MyCloud 3TB

-Firmware version: v04.01.03-421

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I’m lacking exactly the same issue. It is really cumbersome to store pictures you got via What’s App in MyCloud. I would appreciate if the App can be enhanced somehow to make this more easy.


WD… are you serious… I recently bought mycloud mirror 8TB … and now I have to recognizable that and state of the art select-galerie-pics-and-send -for-upload-to-the-drive ist NOT POSSIBLE. Even more worse… my selected Pics end up in a folder called DOWNLOAD … Are You serious? HAve you ever looked at such functionality in Google drive… or Box…???
This thread is now 2 years old… and obviously IGNORED?
I do except a answer with an update date for such a simple to implement standard function

Hi All,

May i know is this issue resolved regarding whatsapp media(images/videos) auto upload to WD MyCloud?

are there any solutions to upload whatsapp media to mycloud??

I use foldersync on Android to sync the whatsapp folder. Also for my call voice recordings etc…